Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Watching

     If, like me, you are not very interested in watching an overblown football game, and seeing what witty ways our advertising community can make us buy more useless stuff, I offer you a worth while alternative on this Super Bowl Sunday.  Being very interested in outdoor survival and practicing bushcraft skills since I was a boy, one of my guilty pleasures is searching for new, and useful outdoor survival related videos on YouTube.  Since the internet is full of bushcraft information, it really does not take long to find good lessons from many of the more famous bushcraft survival instructors if you know where, and who, to look for.  Even though we live in an urban environment and have taken the word "convenience" to a whole new level, bushcraft survival can be extremely important to anyone, and everyone on this planet.  In fact, many of my concepts for urban survival are adapted from outdoor survival, as the rules don't change.

     One of the people I have recently became an admirer of is Ray Mears.  I have heard his name thrown around a few times by other survival teachers, but had not known much about him.  Finding a playlist featuring him on a channel I often visit on YouTube; Prepare2Survive I became instantly impressed with his skills and knowledge on bushcraft survival.  He has traveled the world many times over, and has a bunch of BBC programs, and specials concentrated on finding quickly vanishing bushcraft skills and techniques of the remaining indigenous people of the world.  Watching him, you realize his influence over other bushcraft survival teachers such as Bear Grylls, and Dual Survivals Dave Canterbury

     So do yourself a favor and watch his playlist when you have some time.  It is a worth while watch.  If you enjoy his methods, you can visit his website here, which has useful info on what gear he uses and suggests.  You can also look for his DVD series, and books on Amazon.

     I will be doing a few posts when we get closer to the spring on camping, and backpacking trips that you can go on to practice your bushcraft skills.  These trips are relatively close to NYC, and can be traveled by car or mass transit.  *Here is that post.*  



Anonymous said...

Great resource! How can I subscribe to it?

JV said...

Thanks! You can subscribe by clicking on the "Subscribe To" button on the lower right side of the blog. You can choose what home page or e-mail you use (i.e. Yahoo!, Hotmail). Picking the proper one will place a bar on your homepage, similar to what news articles look like. Every time there is a new post, you will see it.