This blog is for New Yorker's who, like me, believe that our city is on the brink of disaster.  Big, small, environmental, or social it's bound to happen and is not a matter of how, but when.  The goal of this blog is to get you to think in a more proactive, preparation oriented mindset and make you more aware of how to prepare for disasters in a simple, realistic, minimal way.  It is also going to be a shared data base of information, ideas, and items that apply to our unique situation of living in a major metropolis.
     Our urban survival surroundings can be a bit different from our rural brethren, but is stemmed from the same basic principles of survival knowledge and preparation.  This blog uses these principles and applies them to us as New Yorker's.  Simple provisions and the knowledge of how to use them can be paramount to survival for you and your family in these uncertain times.
     Curiosity is the first step to being prepared, and by reading blogs like this you are expanding your knowledge, making an effort to learn how to handle situations you can control, and letting go of those you can't.  The ideas, and information here has taking years to acquire and should be used as a guideline.  Feel free to share your survival preparation knowledge so that we New Yorkers can live, prepare, and survive anything that comes our way.  Stay tuned....