Saturday, August 27, 2011

Last Minute Preps
     Here are just a few last minute things to do before tomorrow:  

  • Recharge all rechargeable batteries. 

  • Fully charge all cell phones.

  • Have all members shower before this evening.
  • Turn up your refrigerator to a colder temperature so food will stay longer.
  • You can also turn up your AC if you don’t mind the cold.
  • Make sure all flashlights and radios function properly.
  • Have a few alternate forms of entertainment, especially if you have children (i.e. board games, cards, books, etc.)
  • Fill a few pots, pans or buckets with tap water before you go to bed tonight.
  • Fill your bathtub with water if you feel you do not have enough water stocked.
  • Prepare a slimmed down lightweight version of a B.O.B. for each family member.
  • Figure out where you would go in case you did have to bug-out from your apartment or home (i.e. shelter, friend’s home etc.)
  • Precook some essential foods like pasta and rice. Keep them in a container in the fridge until you need them. You can eat them cold if forced to. (Quick tip: If you have uncooked pasta, rice, or dehydrated beans they can be reconstituted without cooking by being soaked in cold water for at least 24 hours.)

     Remember, the storm might only last a day, but the effects can last much longer.  You and your family should be prepared to survive without basic utilities for at least a week.  Stay safe! JV



Gary said...

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Ryan Zombie said...

Great advices! In any disaster, the first 24 hours is crucial for survival. Make sure that you are ready with your gear and food.

Ryan - Survival USA said...

Stock up on drinking water too. Water is essential for survival. You can go for day without food as long as you have a water supply.