Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quick Pick: Volcano II Collapsible Stove

     I found this gem recently on a great website for preppers/survivalists called Emergency Essentials.  It can be a great addition to your apartment preps as it is relatively small and can be fueled by three different fuel sources; charcoal, wood, and propane.  If you read the previous post I did on portable stoves (link), you would understand why having a stove that can burn propane or wood would be so handy in a disaster.  Having a way to heat up food, and maybe a nice hot drink for you or your loved ones during a power outage can really boost the moral of the family.  A quick note about using propane to fuel this bad boy is that it only works with 20lb. tanks.  As I've mentioned before, 20lb. propane tanks are illegal to keep in your apartment here in the apple.  *Authors Edit: watching the YouTube video below shows the stove attached to a 16 oz. propane canister.  I have to do a bit more research, or buy the product to give you a definitive answer on what sized propane tank it can be used with.* This stove could have useful applications for mid- to long-term disaster though, and can also make a great portable camping, and bug-out location stove. 

     I have not been able to purchase it yet to give it a full review, but after reading some of the comments it seems like it is very well received.  I am currently in the process of making Emergency Essentials a sponsor of NYC Survival as they are a great company, and offer very useful survival gear.  Here again is the link to the stove, if you did not see it above.  The first Amazon link below for less money is the stove without the propane attachment.

Here is a YouTube review from Emergency Essentials:

Here is a review I just found on  He got his hands on one and did a review in November.  I just found his article, I guess great minds think alike.


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