Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quick Pick: Garbage Bags

     That's your Quick Pick, garbage bags?!  This guy off his rocker?  I am not, or at least the people around me tell me I'm not... Any who, garbage bags, or I should say, the right kind of garbage bags are extremely useful to keep in your apartment, and in your B.O.B.   In fact, they are so important, that I have this post labeled as a "Bare Minimum" and "Quick Pick".  They have a ton of applications, too many to mention here, and are cheap, easy to find, and compact. 

     There are many garbage bags on the market, though these are not the bags I mean.  The ones I'm suggesting are called Contractor Bags and are not typically meant for everyday use.  They have different capacity options (anywhere from 30-55 gallons), and are made of different thickness (1.0 mil up to 3 mil).  I personally suggest the bigger, thicker versions of these; the 55 gallon, 3 mil versions.  I can't link the exact ones I use on Amazon here, but you can most likely find them at the local hardware store.  A few survival themed uses for these awesome bags would be;
  • Use as a Tarp for a make shift shelter.
  • You can use it as a poncho if caught in the rain.
  • It's a strong, light bag to carry things, like clothes in.
  • You can use them as a rain catch.
  • Very useful as a lining when you fill something like a dirty bucket or bathtub with water. *This is a very important survival strategy.  If you know a disaster is about to happen (e.g.hurricane), you can fill your bathtub, sinks, and anything else large enough with water in case you lose utilities.  These things tend to be unsanitary, so by putting a clean bag liner in them before filling with water, you can make sure the water does not get contaminated.  If the utilities don't come back in a few days, I suggest filtering, or chemically cleaning the water before you drink it.*
     Here is a link to some bags they sell, on Amazon.  They are not the largest, but they are thick.  Like I mentioned, I bought mine at the local hardware store in a box, I'm sure you can do the same.  While there, pick up some WD-40.  Stuff is priceless.


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