Monday, August 30, 2010

Quick Pick: Recon Wrap

     Today's Quick Pick is an item called a "Recon Wrap".  Similar in design to a neck gaiter, these are lightweight, multi-climate, multi-mode pieces of fabric that are used by the military and hunters.  Typically worn on the head, it is comparable to a bandana with a bit more function and use.  They are made of a lightweight, stretching fabric that is durable and doesn't shrink when washed.  Perfect for all seasons, I use one in the summer as they are perfect for keeping the sun off my head, and help with wicking sweat.  During the colder months in the city, I use them in the hat, or beanie, configuration to keep my head and ears warm or as a neck gaiter to keep my neck warm. 

     If you buy them in neutral colors, you will find that they look no different from what most people on the streets wear these days, and you will "blend in" perfectly.  Remember, the N.Y.C. Survivalist wants to blend into the crowd, and never draw attention.  We don't walk the streets of Manhattan in full battle fatigues, all camo'd up.  Attention is unwanted in the city, and in most situations in life for that matter.  Items like this are perfect as multi-functional pieces of gear that you can have on you at all times, without "announcing" to the world that your a survivalist.

     Here is the official site for the Recon Wraps, it explains the multiple configurations they can be used in.

     Here is a version that can be a little more fashionable for the ladies.  It still has just as many functions, and is great to have on hand.


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