Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Site Construction; Slow and steady wins the race

     As I've been putting NYC survival blog together, I'm reminded of one of the fundamental truths of survival prep; you have to build your knowledge and supplies slowly over time.  Just like my survival skills and equipment, I need to take my time with this blog and get it right.  Control is key.  If I went out and bought all the gear in my B.O.B. in a day, I would be broke.  If I put all the links and information on this site as quickly as I could, I would be exhausted, and probably never write again. 
     It's a constant struggle when you start to focus in on something you are passionate about.  We tend to run the risk of overdoing it.  When I found my passion for survival knowledge and prep I found myself obsessing over it, wanting to buy all the newest and greatest gear.  I started to feel that there was never enough time in the day to read all the books, blogs and information that was at my finger tips just waiting to be learned. 
     You can start to feel like a disaster is eminent because of all the research, and lose sight of reality, believing that anything can happen at anytime, which is true, but even basic supplies can get you through a lot.  You may think that the quicker you get things together, no matter the cost, the more prepared you can be.  Anything in excess can be harmful.  I soon realized I needed to slow down and to live and enjoy life first, with an eye toward survival preparation.  My passion for prep, was starting to overtake my passion for life!  I started to remember why I prepare in the first place; to continue living and enjoying life and all it has to offer.  I want to survive, and do all that is in my control to let life continue for me and for those I love.  That's my driving force, and I suggest you find yours as it will help you survive anything that is thrown at you.
     So with that in mind, I will continue to build this blog up slowly taking time to do it right.  As you will notice, I have started to put up links to websites I suggest, and will be getting into more detail about the sites in a few days.  I have also placed some blogs I keep up on.  I am building up Amazon recommendation lists with gear that I own and or have researched.  They are being put into categories and I am commenting on their intended uses.  I will get into more detail about these items in the future as well.  If you end up buying the gear from the link I get a small percentage from the sale.  This blogs intention isn't to make me money.  It's here as an extension of my passion, so if you don't use the recommended links, I don't mind.  I will continue to put this site together, and will also continue to live and enjoy my life in this amazing city.


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