Monday, October 11, 2010

Company Review: MyTopo.Com

     Today I'm going to talk about an online company that I have used and can recommend.  It is called MyTopo, and it gives you topographical maps (and aerial, or satellite) of anywhere in the US and Canada.  It allows you to customize which type you want, add personal information, and if you would like it sent to you waterproof, glossy, or laminated.  They can also get it to you very quickly(24 hours), if you would like.

     These maps can be great for people who love to camp, hike, or check-out new and interesting out of the way places (like myself).  I suggest you get a map of the state park, or forest you often hike in, if that's what your into.  What it means for the NYC Survivalist is that you can have a detailed map of a location you could possibly "bug-out" to in the event that you needed.  You can also get a map or two of your proposed escape route out of the city.  A satellite map could show you paths or side streets that the masses may not be aware of.  It can help show you a possible walking, or bike riding route as well.  The great part about these maps is that you don't need to rely on an electronic device like GPS, you just need the map and compass.

     You can start to scope out possible bug-out locations with their free online topo maps, or Google.  When you see something promising, take a day trip out there.  If it's a place you like, a bit off the beaten path, you can print up the appropriate maps to get you there.

     If you have a bug-out location, a detailed map (topo, and satellite) are a must.  You need to get a copy of a few different routes, and keep it in your bug-out bag.  You can then navigate to your location by any means necessary.  So if the streets and highways are a mess, because the city would have a mass exodus (due to a disaster), you could be confident in knowing where to go, and not get lost by using your map.  Not to mention that if their was a disaster that forced the whole city to bug-out, you would most likely have to bug-out by bike or foot.

     As New Yorker's, we know where we are in the city, and where we are going by the numbered blocks and avenues.  Bring us outside of the city, and it's a different story all together.  Having a good map and compass, and knowing how to orientate yourself with them, are just one way to help give you, and your family safety through self-reliance.  And is one more step to taking control of your own destiny, instead of having to rely on others.


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