Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kits: NYC Survivalist Bug-Out-Bag (Into.)

      You are sitting in your well prepped apartment enjoying a good T.V. show eating popcorn, and relaxing.  Suddenly the Emergency Broadcast System issues a bulletin (not a test!) stating that all hell is about to break lose in Manhattan and you have to leave, NOW!   What do you do?  Possibly someone is after you and you need to leave your apartment in a hurry.  Better yet, there is a fire in your building and you need to get out.  Sometimes we have to leave our dwelling in a big time hurry, and there is just not enough time to grab the important things and go. 

     That is the role of this next kit, often referred to as a bug-out-bag.  The B.O.B. lets you leave your humble abode in a hurry, with all the essentials for survival in it.  The bag is stocked with items that are necessary for survival in a short to medium term indoor/outdoor survival scenario.  Built with the main fundamentals of survival in mind; shelter, medical, water, fire, and food.   It would be very similar to a backpack that you brought with you if you were to go on an extended hiking or backcountry trip.  In fact, the bug out bag I suggest for the urban apartment is meant for more than just a “SHTF and you got to go now” bag, it also has a dual purpose as your camping bag for your weekend get always.  A lot of the items in this bag should be practiced with anyway, so what better excuse for a nice weekend trip then to practice camping with your new survival gear.

      You need to find an easily accessible place for the bag, like a closet near the front door of your apartment or similar.  Everyone in the family needs to have one as well.  The healthy and strong should have the heavy stuff, like tent if you decide to use one, in their bag.  Children’s should be a simplified, lighter version for obvious reasons.  You can also make a separate B.O.B. for your office or car if you have one.  Some of these items you have in your ECB, and hopefully you remember to grab that as well, but if not it's O.K. and not required as this kit is meant to be fully functional.   For smaller budgets, or to keep things minimal, don’t double up the items you already have in your ECB, just remember to store it with your B.O.B. while your home. 

     As this post on B.O.B. is an important one, I will be breaking it up a bit.  This first part is the introduction, explaining the what, and why of the bug out bag.  The next part is found here.


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