Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Power Gel

     There are many power gels on the market right now, all touting different things.  Most people use it as fuel for long distance activities like running and biking.  These gels give you instant energy, and are easily transportable.  I personally don't like the taste of the gels you can buy, and I definitely don't recommend you buy them.  Not to mention, it drives me crazy to see all the discarded 'empty' gel packets all over the Central Park running paths.

     What if I was to tell you there's a cheaper, much tastier option for you that takes minimal effort on your part?  Well there is (obviously!)  It is not my idea, and all credit needs to go to Ron Fontaine over at Survival Topics.  He also has a great survival store linked here, where I buy my Firesteel and paracord from.  His site has a ton of information on outdoor survival that I suggest you read when you get time, if you are into outdoor survival.  Ron calls his little gel "Survival Power Gel".  He gets into why you would want to use it, what it does for your body, and how to make it.  I suggest reading his article here if you are interested in knowing the in's and out's.

     I have used this gel for over a year, and I make sure to always have some on me.  It is in my ECB, and I also keep a tube in my B.O.B.  It makes a perfect survival food.  It stays for long periods of time, it is lightweight, gives you instant calories and energy, plus it tastes amazing.  Beside its intended emergency purposes, I often use it as a 'quick meal'.  If I just couldn't get to breakfast or lunch due to a busy day, a shot of this stuff is like having instant energy in a tube.  Because it is broken down by your body so quickly and efficiently.  It stops hunger pangs, and regulates your blood sugar in one shot.

     This gel is also ideal to have while hiking or backpacking.  I have used it while backpacking a 25 mile path in The Catskills called Devil's Path.  A quick shot when it has been a while between meals really helps raise energy levels, and it is also a great moral booster.

     The way I suggest you make this gel is to buy a 16 oz. jar of honey from your local health food store, or online.  A 21 oz. bottle of brown rice syrup, and a small bottle of blackstrap molasses.  The ratio is 50% brown rice syrup, 30% honey, and 20% blackstrap.  Pour all of the honey and brown rice syrup into a pot, that you have set up to double boil (double boil is when you put a larger pot on the stove, with a little bit of water, then place a smaller pot inside of it, so the smaller pot can get hot, but does not touch the flames.)  Keep at a low temperature, as your not cooking the ingredients, but instead your heating them up so they are a little bit easier to work with.  Put into the mixture only about a quarter of the bottle of blackstrap molasses, and a little less then a teaspoon of salt (added benefit of electrolyte replacement.)  Mix it all together and let cool for a few minutes.  Place the finished product in a food safe squeeze tube like the one I use, and suggest below.  If you have left over, and you definitely will, put it back in the honey and brown rice jars.  Leave the tops off the containers and allow the gel to cool for a few hours.  

     This is great stuff, and I thank Survival Topics for the idea.  It has been a lifesaver many times when I just can't find time in my day for a meal.  Not only can it save you from everyday hunger, but this amazing little gel could one day "save your life" while in the bush or in a long-term disaster situation.  No ECB, B.O.B., or survival kit should be without!

You can also buy these items 'bulk' from this website.  I like having a large quantity of honey in the apartment, because it really is natures 'super food'.



Jack said...

Funny, I buy my firesteels from Ron Fontaine as well. His website is fantastic...

JV said...

It really is. I think his site is a must read for anyone into outdoor survival.