Friday, November 26, 2010

Quick Pick: Ponch Liner

     I have mentioned in a previous post that I grew up with a former Marine father who had bought many of his military items home after serving in Vietnam.  His poncho liner (at the time, I knew it as the comfy camouflage blanket) ended up being one of my favorite blankets, and for good reason.

     Poncho liners (also lovingly known as Wubbie's in the military) are military issue multi-purpose blankets that are typically made of a nylon shell with a polyester insulating filling.  They are durable, warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and dry extremely fast.  Originally they were intended to be added to your poncho as a liner/blanket to help keep you a bit warmer during cold, wet weather.  It has strings on all corners to help you tie the blanket to the poncho or to use in conjunction with your poncho as a waterproof shelter or makeshift sleeping bag (the strings also helped me build many an indoor fort as a child.) 

     Due to their light-weight, and how small the poncho liner can be folded up, they are great to have on hand especially while camping or hiking in the bush.  They make perfect sleeping bag liners, as the polyester helps 'wick' moisture from your body.  They're also ideal as a ground mat for sitting on the ground as the nylon shell is naturally resistant to dirt and moisture.  

     There really are a million and one uses for these blankets, and after trying it you will be amazed at how comfortable, and useful this little gem is.  The one problem you might find will be matching your apartments furniture to the camo color.  Luckily camo is in style right now in fashion, so you might be starting a new furniture trend...


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