Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quick Pick: Atsko Sno-Seal

     With winter’s low temperatures upon us already, it’s just a matter of time before our first major winter storm here in the city.  The “Quick Pick” item I suggest today; Atsko Sno-Seal is an item that helps you winterize your leather gear by protecting, and waterproofing them.  It does so with a natural bees-wax formula that is simple to use.

     I suggest using it every year right before winter on items like leather boots, shoes, and gloves.  You can use this stuff on your dress shoes, as it makes them much more resistant to water as well.  Just be careful, because it can make brown leather darker.  I am also a fan of using Sno-Seal on all my leather gloves, especially the gloves I keep in my kits to use as work gloves while out in the bush.

     To use Sno-Seal, place a generous amount all over the leather of the (clean) item.  Put an especially ample amount on the seams, as these let in the most water.  Next use a hair dryer (you can also use an oven at a low temp if you don’t have a significant other with a hair dryer) on a high setting and blow hot air all over the item melting the wax into the leather and seams.  Let the item cool, for a half hour and that’s it!  You now have a leather item protected from snow, rain, salt, and ready for anything the elements can throw at it.



Anonymous said...

Hey great post. Thought I'm not sure I agree with you 100%. Keep em coming. Are you interested in having anyone guest post opposing views?

JV said...

Of coarse, the more view points the better understanding the readers and myself can have. You can e-mail me whatever you would like posted to nycsurvival@yahoo.com and I will give your topic full credit. I look forward to your input.