Sunday, December 5, 2010

Quick Pick: Wool Pants

     Since the temperature gauge has been dropping significantly around these parts as we approach winter, I am going to suggest something to you today that might make your morning commute a bit easier to deal with; wool pants.  Wool pants are standard military issue to troops in many of the colder countries of the world for good reason.  Places like Sweden and Switzerland commonly see temperatures far below the freezing point, and can make even our coldest days in the city seem mild.

     Wool makes an excellent mid-layer for use in the three-layer system as it is one of the best insulating materials available.  It is also wonderful at allowing the body’s natural moisture (sweat) to escape, helping you stay dry and much warmer.  You can combine a good polyester base layer with your wool mid-layer to help the wool 'wick' your bodies sweat even more efficiently.

     Because the three-layer system is not always convenient for our city lifestyle, you can invest in either wool dress slacks or even a wool suit.  These items could be useful for some of the colder days in the winter and can even be proper dress attire for your job.  If there's snow in the forecast, a nylon or Gore-Tex outer shell would leave you feeling warm, and dry no matter what conditions were thrown at you.

     If you are a backpacker or hiker, and don’t mind going into the bush during the colder winter months, like myself, then I would suggest a good pair of military surplus wool pants.  These can be a bit difficult to find, but a search like this one can get you going in the right direction.  A pair like these Swedish wool pants is ideal for outdoor use.  I personally find that I prefer to wear a pair of comfy wool pants while lounging around the apartment and for running local errands in the winter as they’re durable and warm.
     I really am a big proponent of wool products as they are, and have been, one of the best fabrics available to us for generations.  Do yourself a favor this winter and get a few articles of clothing that are made of wool as it's cheap, and very functional.  The littlest bit of effort, and proper planning can keep you much warmer and comfortable this winter.  

     The first pair of pants below is from Cabela's, look up their website here, as they have great deals on products like these pants.  I'm putting the suit link from Amazon below as a frame of reference.  If you are to buy a wool suit, I would suggest going to one of the cities many department stores like Syms to get a better deal, and a more tailored look.   


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