Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ECB Anyone?

     So now that the big media fuss about this past weekend’s storm and the follow up media on how it was handled is just about over, what did you learn from this ‘mini’ disaster?  I personally found my prep’s were sufficient, and in fact I rather enjoyed the storm.  Not owning a car, having proper clothing, and having a well stocked pantry all assured me of that.  I also find that my positive attitude towards life’s experiences make most situations more of an adventure then a burden, more on that another time though.

     Some of the media stories published about the storm caught my attention, especially this one.  This is the kind of stuff I try and prepare us for.  I can’t help but point out that my suggested ECB would have alleviated a majority of the problems these people faced.  If I happened to be stuck in a similar situation and had my kit, as I always do, I would have had water, food, and been able to keep myself warm with a mylar blanket (or someone else warm, as I wear appropriate clothing for the weather/season).

     There are further stories of emergency vehicles taking too long to respond to calls due to the sidewalks and streets being a mess (proving that help isn’t always on the way.)  This is again something that makes people who believe in becoming more self-reliant cringe.  It’s time to stop expecting help to come because it is thought of as "deserved".  We need to start being responsible for our own lives and actions.  Granted some emergencies are major and professional help is definitely required.  Nothing is certain though, and there are no guarantees that the help you rely on now will be their tomorrow.  Learning how to take care of things now while times are good and while the help is still readily available, is an important step to becoming free.     

     So now that the storm has passed and the sidewalks and streets are somewhat clear, we can look back at what we could do to better our prep’s and learn how to further enhance our preparations for future disasters.  I would like to give an honorable mention to one of the items that I own that is really coming in handy; my Sorel’s.  Big, waterproof boots are a must when we get large amounts of snow, and make walking through slushy, wet street corners a breeze.


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