Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bare Minimum: Manual Can-Opener

     This is just a quick "Bare Minimum" post to remind you of something fundamentally essential for every household; a manual can-opener.  Most people will have one or more of these around the house, though I know some people that don't.  If you use an electric can-opener for convince that's fine, just make sure you have a cheap, back-up 'manual' one to use in case you lose power.  You could open a can with-out one, but it is dangerous and you risk injury.  Any injury in times of a disaster, even a scratch, can be life threatening.  If you don't own one or don't know where you placed it, do yourself a favor and get one as soon as possible.

The little one below can be placed on a necklace or on your EDC key-chain so you can have one on you at all times if you prefer.


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