Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kits: EDC (Key-chain)

      Your city EDC key-chain can actually be a very useful, convenient way of keeping gear close on hand, as well as giving you an easy way of transporting your survival equipment.  A few of the items can be switched out with your EDC survival necklace, when you can't wear it.  The following are suggestions that I own and recommend.
  • Keys (Obvious)
  • Small LED light - A light has multiple uses besides survival.  Can be switched out and put on survival necklace.
  • This light is small, bright, lightweight, and durable.  It also comes with a clip, which I keep in my ECB(Everyday Carry Bag) for when you need it to be hands free.  Great light.
  • Small compass - Can also be switched out and put on survival necklace.

  • Metal Match or Ferrocerium Striker - I feel it is important to have a way of making fire on you at all times, even in our city surroundings.  Fire is crucial to so many aspects of survival, that it is just too important to be ignored.  Carrying a lighter, matches, or a Firesteel, like I suggest, takes up so little room, and weigh next to nothing.  There is just no excuse to not have a version on you.  I prefer this striker for my key-chain because it has a cover, and I like the company.
    This is just a light one that Amazon sells, I prefer the one from the link above.
  • Carabiner - Attach key-chain to it.  Can be used to attach to your pants, or inside of your ECB.  Also useful to get a better grip on bags.  If your hand can fit, you can use it for self defense (Stick it on your hand and use it as you would brass-knuckles).  The items can be removed from the carabiner to reduce their size, and weight when needed.  I typically buy these at EMS so I can see which size I prefer.  I use the following Black Diamond carabiner as they're light and durable.


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