Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kits: EDC (Survival Necklace)

     Though not for everyone, a city survival necklace can have life saving functions, as well as being fashionable.  The necklace and key-chain go hand and hand, and you can trade things between the two.   If you are not in the position to wear the necklace, you can place it in your ECB.  Use a ball chain, nylon rope, or even a more fashionable metal (i.e. gold) for the necklace making sure it doesn’t chafe.  I like to wear mine a little long so the gear hangs down to the upper part of my stomach.  A necklace like this is a necessity if hiking or camping, but more on that in a future post.
  • Small compass - Something like a button compass.
  • Small LED light 
  • Flat survival whistle - Great for being found if lost, i.e. stuck in ruble after an earthquake.  The whistle sound can be produced much louder and longer then the human voice, it also requires less force.  For women, it’s a great way to call for help.
  • Small manual can-opener *Optional* - These are great if you find yourself in the bush often and want a back-up to the opener on your multi-tool or Swiss Army Knife.
  • Gold coin, small bar or charm *Optional* - This could be used for trade in an emergency situation where you either have no cash or cash has lost all value.  You can mount the coin or bar in a small bezel as to not damage the precious metal.  You can get a good deal on precious metal coins and bars from this site.
    Here is a link to some ball-chain

         I tend to keep just the compass, and whistle on the necklace because of the weight.  I usually keep the light on my survival key-chain.


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