Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kits: ECB (Suggested Bags)

     This is a quick post finishing up my ECB (everyday carry bag) series.  I'm going to give you some ideas on what you can use for an ECB, and explain what I use and suggest.
  • The following bag is what I use a good portion of the time.  It's perfect for people who, like me, are able to carry a backpack throughout the day.  It's made by Maxpedition, a company that I have mentioned before and highly recommend.  Their gear is durable, and has tons of amazing little features.  I suggest shopping from the main site instead of getting it through the following Amazon link because they are a reputable company.  I also suggest getting a "normal" color like black or a neutral color, as digital camo might be a bit much for our city environment.
     On a side note, I travel often and prefer not to check luggage.  One of the amazing features of this pack is that it expands to give you tons of room.  I can easily pack a few days worth of clothes in this giving me a reasonably sized carry-on bag.  Maxpedition has a few choices of packs that you may prefer over this one.  Do some research and see which one works for you.
  • The next bag I suggest is from the company Timbuk2.   This companies bags are functional and stylish.  Many of the messenger bags you see people carrying around the city are Timbuk2, which will help you blend into the crowd.  Timbuk2 makes mini pouches that strap onto belts and straps for cameras and phones that I suggest as well.
  • The last one I suggest is not so much of a pack, as it is a small pouch to put your EDC in.  The company LeSportsac makes a bunch of different nylon pouches that are great to put your gear in.  The pouch, with the gear in it, can then be moved from pack, to purse, to backpack and so on.  These little pouches are great for women because, other then being fashionable, they can easily be transported from whatever bag or purse you decide to carry that day.  These packs are also a good option for men, though finding a neutral color might be a bit difficult.  This company also has a few different sizes and options, so be sure to shop around before deciding.
     The blog that I often read and refer to; Code Name Insight has a post about what his EDC looks like linked here.  He uses a LeSportsac to transport his gear, and has a bit more info on that system.  I personally use a backpack, as stated above, for my ECB most of the time.  If I can't have a backpack and I'm not going to be away from the apartment for a long period of time, I will just have my EDC as I explain in my EDC Series of posts linked here.



      Jack said...

      I love my Kodiak Gear Slinger from Maxpedition. Well built ,great design. A bit expensive, but overall well worth the money.

      JV said...

      Yeah I was looking at the Kodiak, but decided I liked the size, and 2 strap set up of the Falcon-II. Maxpedition makes a great product, with so many packs, choosing is tough. The Pygmy looks like it would be a functional city pack as well.