Saturday, September 4, 2010

Music or Podcast?
     I am a fan of music, and have been for as long as I can remember.  Anything from jazz, to punk rock, you name it, I have probably listened to it at some point in my life.  I was never a big radio person, and in fact, have owned some sort of music player since they have been on the market, preferring my personal play lists, over music and talk radio.  That was until recently.  I started to find while I research info for my book and blog, I wanted to fill my down time (things like commuting, jogs, work-outs) with productive learning.  It occurred to me one day, while reading over one of the many survival blogs I follow, that there is an alternative to music and radio; podcast's.  Podcast's have an advantage over talk radio, because they are not as restricted, and typically don't have commercials.  You as a listener have an advantage, because you can pick and choose what topics are interesting and subscribe to it.  I own an iPhone, which makes subscribing to a podcast extremely easy, and gives me many different shows to choose from.  I am finding podcasts perfect for me right now, as I'm focused on learning, and hungry for knowledge.  Podcast's allow me to fill in as much info into my day as possible.

     One of my favorite podcasts out there right now is The Survival Podcast, and I definitely suggest you look it up.  The creator, Jack Spirko, has been doing the podcast since 2008, and has about 500 episodes released.  The podcast also has a YouTube channel here with some useful videos.  Jack releases new episodes daily, so you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and just listen to the new stuff.  If you like the show, you can find back episodes on his website.  I have been listing to TSP for a few months, and I'm now slowly catching up on his previous episodes.  There is a ton of information on these shows about survival, homesteading, gardening, and a bunch of other useful things that most modern survivalists (and people) should know.  Happy Learning!


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