Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quick Pick: Sunglasses Neck Cord

     This is just a "Quick Pick" on sunglasses neck cords, or 'retainers'.  As an active person in, and out of the city, I am constantly taking my sunglasses on and off.  I ride my bike, and walk, to and from different locations all throughout the city (on our wonderful and ever expanding bike paths) daily.  I go in and out of buildings, and underground to the subways often, being able to just let my glasses hang at my neck is ideal.  Having them at my neck helps me, A. not lose them and B. not break them.  Two important things in my book.

      When hiking or backpacking in the bush, I am also constantly taking them on and off.  Knowing that I won't lose them while on trails with heavy brush, and not having to search through my pack for my case is a plus as well.  Check them out if your interested, their just a few bucks.


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