Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kits: EDC

      My first post in the kit series is about my suggested EDC (or everyday carry) for New Yorkers.  It should not be confused with an ECB (everyday carry bag).  City living can get a bit hectic at times, and we don’t always feel like carrying around a pack or purse.  For example, when you go out to dinner, go see a movie, or go to the gym.  Sometimes you’re in a hurry and just want the bare essentials with you.

      This is a list of everyday carry items that have multiple purposes, and I would suggest you never leave the house without them.  They should even be on you when you go to the local deli for a quick bite, or when you step out to Starbucks for five minutes to get some coffee.  The idea behind this kit is that you have basic survival equipment on your body at all times (compass, signaling devise, fire making, small light, cordage, knife), while looking just like every other New Yorker walking the streets.
  • Smart cell phone - These are the modern day electronic Swiss Army knives.  It serves super multi-duty as phone, camera, notebook, voice recorder, music player and GPS.  They are becoming cheaper by the day, and since they have so many functions you can actually save money just by buying one piece of equipment for most of your electronic needs.  I own an iPhone, which I highly recommend if you can afford it, or are with AT&T.  Remember to always keep it charged.  You should also put an “in case of emergency” contact number sticker on you, and your family member’s, phones.
  • Keys (Link to my EDC key-chain post.)
  • Wallet (Link to my EDC wallet post.)
  • Pocket knife - There are tons of options here.  I carry around a Leatherman Charge TTi multi-tool and can suggest it, though it's a bit bulky on your belt.  I have a smaller Swiss Army knife when I want to be more discrete.  You need to be careful carrying a knife in NYC because the laws are a bit vague i.e. a knife is not suppose to have a point...  One thing is sure about knife laws in NYC though, the blade can not be over four inches long.  When carrying a knife use common sense; don't pull it out in plain view of "sheeple"...  I mean people (tends to scare them.)  If a police officer asks you about it, tell him it's for work in a friendly, submissive tone.  You can keep the knife in your ECB if you don't want to have one on your person, though I suggest always having a blade of some sort on you at all times.

      The Swiss Army Fieldmaster is not the lightest knife they offer, but it has a useful saw blade that I prefer.
  • Para-cord bracelet - Having 10 feet or so of 550 para-cord on you at all times is real nice.  On top of that, they are quite fashionable.  Here is a site that explains how to make one yourself.  You can find different ways to make these if you do a Google search for "how-to make a para-cord bracelet".  I like to have the button on mine as the link demonstrates.  You can also place this in your ECB.  Here is a link to one that is cheap on Amazon, and some good quality Para-cord;

  • Basic survival necklace - A necklace that has some survival applications to it.  Here is a link to my post explaining it.

     Here are some links to sites that have more info on suggested EDC if you want to do some research yourself:

The Everyday Carry Forums or EDC Forums:  Great site with reviews, and useful information.

Code Name Insight Blog:  My favorite blog, and I reference it often.  Linked are a few posts on his everyday carry.

Surviving In Argentina Blog:  This guy survived the economic collapse of Argentina, (a major city) and most of his posts and info will apply to us if we suffer the same fate in America.  The link is his EDC labeled posts.


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