Sunday, September 12, 2010

Survival Library: SAS Survival Handbook

      I'm going to start a series of posts about what I suggest you keep in your survival library.  It will be a mix of a review and suggested read.  A good survival library can be used as a reference for when a disaster situation arises, or when you want a good survival related read.  Since even the best survivalists can't remember everything, it's good to know you have knowledge at your fingertips when needed.  Though books are becoming a thing of the past with wonderful inventions like the Kindle, and e-books, having a physical book for reference when our utilities goes down can be essential to survival.  The wealth of knowledge available to us online won't always be accessible, so make sure to have the subjects that your not very knowledgeable about on hand.  If you want to save a bit of money, and or don't have the space for books, get some cheap paper, a folder, and find online articles and e-books.  Print them out and keep the file in your apartment for easy reference when necessary.

     My first book in this series is a must for anyone and everyone, even if you don't read the book, though I suggest you do, as it can save your life.  This books information can be vital to teaching you how to survive most survival scenarios in and out of the city.  In fact, this book is so important, that I suggest you carry a copy of it in your B.O.B. (or G.O.O.D. bag.)  It is written by John 'Lofty' Wiseman, who has served in the SAS* (Special Air Service) for 26 years, and is meant to teach you how to handle any situation, in any climate.  It does so in an easy to understand, well structured way.  The knowledge contained in this book is vast, that is why I suggest it in the physical book form.  You can read it many times over through the coarse of your life and still learn something new each time.  This book also has an iPhone app., which is actually very good.  It combines the information from his books, as well as some video clips showing proper procedures and quiz's.  I rather enjoy it.  The second link is a smaller version of the original, and fits much more conveniently in a pack or B.O.B.

     *A quick quick fact about the SAS (the British equivalent of our Navy Seals), is that Eddie 'Bear' Grylls from Man vs. Wild served in it for three years.  

     This is another book by John 'Lofty' Wiseman's on urban survival.  Though you would think it would be more appropriate to us in our urban environment, that is not the case.  It give you a little too much detail on mostly common sense topics like; how not to store matches where children can get to them.  If you are very new to survival and have no common sense on things like how to use a screwdriver, then I might suggest this book, but I doubt if you were one of those people, you would want to read this book.


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