Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kits: EDC (Wallet)

      I like to keep a simple, yet useful wallet for my NYC lifestyle.  The following are my suggestions, add or remove as you see fit.
  • ID (Drivers license in my case.)
  • $100 in cash (Broken into change preferably.)
  • Laminated card with phone numbers (Containing at least four people you can count on.)
  • Credit and Bank Cards (Hopefully with at least $1000 spending amount on the credit for bigger purchases, and emergencies.)
  • A few business cards (If you have, or need them.)
  • Card with medical info (Doctors name, medications, allergies, etc.)
  • Credit card multi-tool (There are a bunch on the market, but try for one with at least a few features including LED light and magnifying glass.)
  • Signal mirror - These can be as small and thin as a credit card, and can be used with one hand to signal up to about 100 miles on a clear day.  Also just useful to have a mirror on hand.  The mirrors I link here are a bit big, I use the mirror from the pocket survival pack as it's a smaller compact mirror.
     I bet you are wondering what I put all of this in?  Well I like a small, minimalist wallet, and suggest;
     If you are used to a bigger wallet, shop around, I don't have many suggestions.  The larger Maxpedition wallets have a Velcro closure that are noisy, and I just don't like them because it makes me feel like a 15 year old kid.

     There you have it, my suggested EDC wallet.


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